Trafficking Statement

Trafficking Statement

Icyrox functions as a fully integrated diamond jewelry business, managing the entire process from design and manufacturing to retail distribution of high and ultra-high-end jewelry and gifts. Our procurement and polishing division plays a crucial role in sourcing, cutting, and polishing rough diamonds for our retail operations.

While the diamond industry has faced challenges associated with conflict and exploitation in the past, notable proactive measures, such as the Kimberley Process certifying conflict-free diamonds, have been implemented. Icyrox is unwavering in its commitment to ethical and responsible business practices, explicitly rejecting slavery, servitude, forced or compulsory labor, and human trafficking within both its operations and supply chains. We set high expectations for all members of our supply chain, urging them to adopt similar values and adhere to best practice guidelines to eliminate forced labor from their businesses and supply chains.

Through our procurement and polishing division, we aspire to exceed the stringent requirements of the highest industry standards for procuring and polishing our stones. Our partnerships are exclusively with companies obligated to follow De Beers Best Practice Principles (BPP), which address supply chain management, provenance claims, child and forced labor, and overall ethical standards.

Despite our commitment and rigorous criteria, we acknowledge the complexity of our extensive and geographically diverse supply chain. While actively avoiding suppliers involved in forced labor, we recognize the potential for concealment, necessitating continued vigilance.

Our unequivocal rejection of forced labor is outlined in our Code of Conduct, and we expect our suppliers to comply with it and extend similar expectations to their supply chains. In instances of identified or suspected non-compliance, we collaborate with the relevant supplier to ensure immediate remedial action. Persistent non-compliance leads to the termination of collaboration with the supplier in question.

Icyrox’s ongoing commitment to eradicating forced labor from its supply chains involves future plans for additional staff training and the development of enhanced due diligence procedures for engaging new suppliers and maintaining ongoing oversight of existing ones.

This statement, approved by the board of Icyrox’s parent company, pertains to the financial year ending on December 31, 2020, and is applicable to all entities within the Icyrox group of companies.

Icyrox Diamonds International LLC.

Management Team

January 1, 2021